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The Ivy League Psychic Academy was established in 2013 by Reverend Ivy Rivera, Psychic Medium, with the intent of assisting energetic and spiritually gifted individuals in overcoming their fears and doubts – training others in their psychic and mediumistic abilities. Today the academy has flourished and is known internationally as a home to energy and light workers everywhere featuring classes and certifications in psychic mediumship, tarot, energy healing, paranormal, holistics, yoga and much more. Classes are always evolving with the times and needs of the students who range from 6-106!
The academy offers art work, hand-made jewerly, books and much more made by local artists and authors, as well as, spiritual and energetic goods (tarot decks, crystals, sage, feathers, books, etc). Join us for a variety of personal development classes and holistic therapies ranging from: Psychic mediumship development, Reiki, tarot, meditation, and much more. Adults and children.  Distance and international students welcome to join classes via Skype (look for classes with Skype logo).

"Raising up the next generation of Light Workers".

The Ivy League Psychic Academy

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  "Ivy says everyone has a gift. She lovingly and enthusiastically encourages that gift in everyone. With hands on training, experienced sharing, and gentle guidance, she' s shown how possible psychic mediumship is for anyone seeking it. My classes, conversations, and readings have been amazing. My development has been wonderous and wonderful."

                                                               ~ Mike   


The Ivy League Psychic Academy is full of educational programs that offer you both introductory and in-depth training for all ages seeking personal development or knowledge on a particular subject. We provide effective and respected teachers specializing in their field of study.

We provide training from beginner to advanced students and offer a broad spectrum of classes such as Psychic Mediumship Development through the use of the original PSC Method. We also focus on the Healing Arts, Astrology, Hypnosis, Tarot, Chakra’s, Meditative Exploration, Paranormal Training, Aura’s, Colors, Crystals, Youth Programs and much more.

For a deeper and more intense study we offer classes and seminars on the Criminological Dimensions and Psychic Investigation, Pastoral and Spiritual Training, Biblical Theology, Theology of Universal Attraction, The Psychology & Sociology of Self, Phenomenological Dimensions and Mysteries of Earth, Shaminism and much more.

If you cannot make it with us in person, you can also participate in the comfort of your own home. We welcome national and international students to join us. For interactive and real time training we offer classes through webinars, Skype or Face Time on PC, iPad, tablet or smart phone. Anyone interested in joining via the web, look for classes in our listings with one of the interactive logos.



Paranormal Investigations

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Skype or face time on PC, iPad, tablet or smart phone. Anyone interested in joining via the web, look for classes in our listings with one of the interactive logos.

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