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Psychic Fair

The Ivy League Psychic Academy invites you, your family and friends to an entertaining day at our GRAND OPENING. Join us August 22nd, 11am - 9pm for a day of raffles, give away's, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Astrology, Reiki, Henna, Tarot, and more. The fair will feature the Ivy League Psychics, Local Vendors and Artist.





For more information about classes or events call/text

 (716) 602-1391 or email 

Welcome to the Ivy League Psychic Academy. The Academy is full of educational programs that offer you both introductory and in-depth training for all ages seeking personal development or knowledge on a particular subject. We provide effective and respected teachers specializing in their field of study.

We provide training from beginner to advanced students and offer a broad spectrum of classes such as Psychic Mediumship Development through the use of the original PSC Method. We also focus on the Healing Arts, Astrology, Hypnosis, Tarot, Chakra’s, Meditative Exploration, Paranormal Training, Aura’s, Colors, Crystals, Youth Programs and much more.

For a deeper and more intense study we offer classes and seminars on the Criminological Dimensions and Psychic Investigation, Pastoral and Spiritual Training, Biblical Theology, Theology of Universal Attraction, The Psychology & Sociology of Self, Phenomenological Dimensions and Mysteries of Earth, Shaminism and much more.

If you cannot make it with us in person, you can also participate in the comfort of your own hom



"This site stands as a bridge to enlightenment and love from the Spirit World to yours. I hope that what you are searching for will be found here, and that it leads to our crossing paths."

                            Love and Blessings


We welcome national and international students to join us. For interactive and real time training we offer classes through webinars, Skype or Face Time on PC, iPad, tablet or smart phone. Anyone interested in joining via the web, Call the Ivy League Psychic Academy at (716) 602-1391.



Psychic Mediumship Development- Level 1

 Beging Monday's

August 17th- November 23rd

6:30-8:30 pm

$40/class or $400 total


Rev Tim Shaw

Join Rev Tim Shaw at the Ivy League Psychic Academy August 17th for the Basics of Seance and August 31 for Haunted Western New York


Psychic Fair

Join Ivy and the Ivy League Psychics as they participate in the Tonawanda Castle Psychic Fair hosted by the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society. Sunday August 2nd 12pm - 6pm 

69 Deleware Ave, Tonawanda (city) 14150.

Call (716) 908-1607 for more information.

Ask A Medium Radio Show

Listen in as Rev Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium and Rev Sean Patrick Exorcist and Psychic Investigator discuss topics with special guest every other Thursday 9pm - 10pm. 

Call in live to the show  (619) 639-4606



Radio Guest for July 30th

Author Andrea Perron 

House of Darkness House of Light.

Join, Ivy and Sean as they discuss Andrea's real life events from the move the Conjuring and how it affected her life and where she is today.

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