The Ivy League Psychic Academy 

 Ivy League Psychic Academy

Est. 2013 by Psychic Medium Rev.Ivy Rivera

Be sure to catch assistant teachers Theresa, Amanda and Brittany on Rev. Ivy Rivera's  Academy Talk Radio - Ask A Medium Internet Radio Show airing every other Sunday 8pm EST.  Tree,  Amanda and Brittany will be alternating hosting duties & always taking your calls & question all during the show.

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Assisstant Teacher Theresa "tree" Matuszak  is a certified Psychic Medium trained under Rev Ivy Rivera at the Ivy League Psychic Academy. Tree is also a born Empath, Tarot Reader, Certified Usui Reiki Master , Crystal Consultant & Enthusiast and an Ordained Minster.

" Since i was a small child, I have always hand an interest and questioning the unknown. In the process of questioning,  i was dealing with and sometimes struggling to deal with my abilities. Always, knowing, seeing, feeling messages, spirits and energies. It has been a rather long, strange and fascinating road. It seemed that i was always on a path of self discovery, self education and understanding.  By the time i was about 18 years old i started wishing for a place to exist that could help me further understand what i have always had and continued to deal with, a place to belong with fellow like minded people and a way to help others.  
 When my dad passed away in June of 2011, i entered a depression and for a time lost sight of myself. It wasn't until 6 or 7 months later that i heard a voice tell me its time to be "Me" again, not just the adult but the child that laughed, painted, sang, and questioned everything. So i started painting, drawing,  making crystal wire wrap jewelry and looking more into what really makes me, "Me". 
  In November 2014  that wish about wanting a place to belong to finally came true when  i was directed to the Ivy League Psychic Academy and  i started my journey at furthering my development  in attending the different classes offered.  The more classes i took and the more i allowed my self to be open, the more open i was ,the better i was able to understand what i have and how to control it  and the better i was able to help others with the messages i receive and the energy's i feel .
 It has been both an eye opening and life changing journey and experience. I am eternally grateful to Rev. Ivy Rivera for the many opportunities she has given me and others through the Academy. Now I am in a beautiful  place in life in being able to help others in many ways and help them to discover their own Spiritual Beauty! Thank you Rev. Ivy Rivera <3"  - Rev. Theresa Matuszak


Amanda Friedman is a certified Psychic Medium through the Ivy League Psychic Academy. She is also an Empath and Reiki Practitioner.

"My interest in death and the afterlife began as a child, when I had many family funerals to attend. I started to become curious about what happens after death and asked my family many questions. At the age of 12, I began to notice spirit activity in my home. The activity picked up when I was alone and seemed to only happen to me. I was very frightened by this and did not know what was going on. As a teenager, I grew curious rather than fearful. I began to watch paranormal shows and attended psychic fairs in hopes of finding some answers. I was able to gain some understanding, but still felt confused. After the death of my father in 2011, my interest piqued again. This time I was determined to find answers. I met Ivy Rivera at a psychic fair and felt like I needed a reading from her. Ivy was able to channel my father and brought forth some much needed healing. Ivy also answered my questions and encouraged me to start exploring and developing my abilities. I began taking classes with Ivy in 2013, when she first started the Ivy League Psychic Academy. The classes finally gave me the answers that I was seeking. It was comforting to learn with like-minded individuals in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Everything began to make sense and I was amazed at how my abilities began to develop. I later became a certified psychic medium after completing Level 2. After graduating I remained active with the Ivy League Psychic Academy by working psychic fairs and attending new classes. I am honored and so grateful to Ivy for all that she has done for me, and for asking me to be an assistant teacher. I am very much looking forward to helping others find answers and grow spiritually." - Amanda Friedman

Rev. Brittany Rose Bauer is an empathic psychic medium and an artist, who began spirit communication at a very young age.Simply believing that every house that her family resided in was "haunted", she did not realize until recently that it wasn't the was her. 
Upon her training and certification in psychic mediumship development with Rev. Ivy Rivera, she learned it was her spiritual abilities and positive, white energy that was drawing spirits to her - like a lighthouse beacon. Now, with a better understanding of what mediumship is, she is able to use her abilities to give healing messages from spirit and insight on circumstances surrounding her clients and the world around them. 
While training with Rev. Ivy Rivera, she has become fully aware that she will be able to live migraine and anxiety free. She had previously been on a prescription for anxiety. Now that Brittany has been taught that "Energy that comes in, needs to come out", she is able to better understand the energy affecting her due to her empathic abilities. Brittany is now fully in control of her own energy and able to protect it from being altered due to outside energy, as well as understand messages from spirit coming to her in the form of energy.
Additionally, using the spiritual experiences she has lived through, she hopes to spread knowledge and understanding of the spirit world to her community.  She hopes to eliminate the fear many of her clients come to her with, in regards to their own spiritual encounters - "Spread the Light, make the world Bright".

"I cannot thank Rev. Ivy Rivera enough for allowing me to understand and see clearly what had been affecting me my entire life. Everything just clicked into place once we met."- Rev. Brittany Rose Bauer