The Ivy League Psychic Academy 

 Ivy League Psychic Academy

Est. 2013 by Psychic Medium Rev.Ivy Rivera


The Psychic Development Classes at Ivy League Psychic Academy are instructed by founder of Ivy League Psychic Academy; Rev. Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium. As a natural-born empath, psychic & medium; Rev. Ivy Rivera began at 16 years old as an apprentice of the Light workers at internationally recognized; Lilydale,NY. Rev, Ivy Rivera has created her own trademarked method of Psychic Development called Psychology of Spirit Communication (P.S.C. method). Rev. Ivy Rivera teaches that everyone is intuitive and that our "psychic abilities" can become developed, just like any other skill. Rev. Ivy Rivera focuses on bringing the things our Spirit Guides tells all of us from time to time; & her students learn to tap in to their own intuition and begin to listen to the "signs" we are taught to ignore or dimiss. Rev.Ivy Rivera's mission is the Raise up the next generation of Light Workers, using the P.S.C. method in the Ivy League Academy's Psychic Development Classes. 

"Raising up the next generation of

Light Workers".

-Rev. Ivy Rivera

Psychic Medium


Ivy League

Psychic Academy

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