Ivy League Psychic Academy

Est. 2013 by Psychic Medium Rev.Ivy Rivera

All classes on this page are available for download.   Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. We will send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive.

Training in: empathic abilities, guides, angels, past lives, karma , cord cutting, boundaries, relationships, psychic mediumship development, spiritual development, self development, and paranormal Can all be done at your leisure and virtually via in person/Facebook Live/Zoom/audio download.

Level One Psychic Mediumship Development Classes: You will be trained in Ivy's revolutionary PSC (Psychology of Spirit Communication) method and able to give 15 minute professional readings to the public in just 16 weeks! 

Pay As You Go
Psychic Mediumship Development Level 1
$50 + $2.00 service fee
Pay In Full
Psychic Mediumship Development 
Level 1
$725 + $25.00 service fee 

Empathic Means: What is an empath? Learn about your empathic abilities and how to heal those that need your help to restore their energy. 

Empathic Means $35 + $2.00 service fee

Coffee With Your Angels: Your angels are watching over you all the time. Learn to understand and improve your relationship with your angels for help with both spiritual development and self development.

Coffee With Your Angels $35 + $2.00 service fee

Meet Your Guides: As with your angels, your spirit guides are always with you. This class will allow you to meet each one individually, learn their role in helping you through life, and how to better communicate with them.

Meet Your Guides $35 + $2.00 service fee

Past Lives, Karma & Contracts: Understand your karma (past life, present, and contractual) and elevate it! By analyzing your current past life relationships, you can better navigate them, their karma, and discover your own life contract. Your true destiny awaits.

Past Lives, Karma & Contracts $35 + $2.00 service fee

Relationships, Boundaries & Cord Cutting: Attachments and difficult relations can be stopped, and self development can continue. Analyze your relationships, set boundaries, and work on your cord cutting with this class.

Relationships, Boundaries & Cord Cutting $35 + $2.00 service fee

Hauntings, Clearings & Attachments: Understand and protect yourself from lower/darker energies by harnessing your power in the light and using it effectively!

Hauntings, Clearings & Attachments $35 + $2.00 service fee