Ivy League Psychic Academy

Est. 2013 by Psychic Medium Rev.Ivy Rivera

Student Testimonials

Taking Ivy’s Medium Development classes, Level 1 & 2 has truly led me in a new direction in my life. Ivy is an incredible teacher in the world of spiritual guidance. Ivy got our feet wet by reading people right away. The first time I read someone I got only two images. With Ivy’s guidance I have made tremendous strides in cultivating my psychic gifts and have worked my way up to a half hour reading. Ivy gave very specific feedback on what and where to improve upon. She never let us get too comfortable and instead pushed us to the next level. She also gave us many ways to access more information from our guides and encouraged us to dig deeper. I plan to grow in my mediumship practice by continuing to refine and develop the skills that I learned in these classes. I highly recommend taking these classes and seeking the direction of Reverend Ivy Rivera.
- Much gratitude, Christina P.

Ivy Rivera,
It is with great respect & much gratitude I write this. I have had the opportunity to have been enrolled in the Ivy League Psychic Academy taking many classes, such as psychic/medium developmental classes, reiki master, tarot/ oracle training, open circle groups, psychic intensive class, & even had my daughter attend the gifted children's class. Each & every class not only met but exceeded my expectations. Ivy is such gifted master teachers. You make all your students feel there is something inside of them, and are just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. You helped me in so many ways, learning how to communicate more effectively with my guides, setting up a symbol base, grounding techniques, and understanding the differences between my own thoughts and psychic impressions. Your ability to recognize & nurture every unique gift each student has is awe inspiring.  You think only the best & expect only the best. thank you so very much for all your dedication and effort.  I am proud to be a lifetime student of the Ivy League Psychic Academy and for the first time in my life...

Your student,

Throughout my life I knew I was always sensitive to the energy around me which lead me to be a therapist. But at some point this energy sensitivity heightened to the point where I was channeling and I had no clue what to do with it, how to control it, and was in desperate search of guidance. All of the local contacts I tried to make, did not fulfill what I was needing. Then I found Ivy. Ivy has been an amazing mentor/teacher for me. She has been patient honoring anything I think and feel. She always meets me exactly where I'm at and allows me to surprise myself with my own gift. Being a lightworker or empath can be a little lonely. Finding Ivy and all of her groups that I've been a part of has made me feel confident and very much like i'm not alone. Being around like minded people is incredible. That's a feeling that cannot be simulated or replaced. Ivy also has gone the extra mile in many ways, considering I'm coming from a distance, to make me feel included and allow me to work with my goals in my own time and space. These classes can provide a journey of discovering yourself, discovering your path, and understanding where you are heading. I wouldn't refer any of my friends to anyone else.


The Ivy League Psychic Academy is not only a school but also a family of wonderful people. Ivy has touched so many lives by providing a safe and positive learning environment where everyone supports each other as they grow and learn together. Ivy has been a true blessing and I am truely thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group of people!!!


Ivy has provided a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for Students to develop the attunement of light and love. In turn, we become effective messengers of Spirit for the greater good. I am personally thankful for the Freedom to learn and participate in Ivy's classes. A testament of gratitude from my heart.Peace and blessings.


Ivy is AMAZING!!! She told me things that gave me an absolute feeling of peace, guidance and strength! I recommend Ivy to EVERYONE!!
- Alexis

Ivy, thank you so much for helping me develop and find my new world as a psychic and medium. You have helped me so very much. Being a seeker of things has always been my nature. Finding skills I never knew I had in your classes has been amazing. Thank you so for your teachings and friendship and bringing me together with others who are like us. Thank you for helping bring me together with some wonderful people and new friendships. This journey has been one filled with beautiful and loving moments.

-Mark K.

The class on Quantum Healing was very comforting and encouraging.  I learned that others are experiencing similar questions and responses to thoughts about what is healing and what is not for the human being. Many have identified ways to be feeling better in one's own skin. Many are sharing this and helping others grow. It is awareness of ones energy and shifts our connected-ness. This class was a wonderful experience. I feel less alone and more part of a "life force" and energy.

-Amy D.

The Mediation Class that Pete lead was a very well formatted class. The forethought put into the planning of it provided me with tools well needed to start my meditation practice. Pete was able to deviate from his presentation in order to answer questions I had and then bring the focus back to his outline which further answered my questions. He was well prepared with content and his own knowledge base. A wonderful meditation which included breathing techniques and explained the importance of these techniques.