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Walk-In Night Mini Psychic Fair


Walk-In Night Mini Psychic Fair: Featuring psychic mediumship, tarot, astrology, numerology, reiki healings, spiritual shop, pet readings (bring pic), paranormal consultations, and vendors. This event will take place at the Ivy League Psychic Academy's new expanded location at: 3218 Lake Shore Rd. Buffalo, NY 14219

Saturday 11/30 @ 7-10pm - $15*

2 tickets = 2 readings/healings. First come, first serve.


Walk-In Night


Vendor Table Fee



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Gallery & Victorian Tea at Marjim Manor


Ask A Medium Gallery & Victorian Tea at Marjim Manor Winery: Includes a meal and a public reading with Ivy. Private readings are available afterward for an additional fee. Call the Manor for reservations.

Phone: 716-778-7001

or reserve your spot online.

Sunday 10/27 @ 1pm

Ask A Medium Gallery & Victorian Tea at Marjim Manor Winery