The Ivy Psychic League Academy is a school designed to better meet the growing needs of those ready to understand and embrace their spiritual and energetic potentials. Based on the firm belief that everyone has the potential to access their abilities, Ivy Rivera has made it her life's work to change the stigma around intuitive and energetic work/therapies. She also aims to assist the general population in the development and use of their abilities.


Ivy League Psychic Academy

The Ivy League Psychic Academy was founded with the purpose of raising up the next generation of light workers. Established in 2013, the Ivy League has taken Ivy's twenty-five years of research and helped shape the lives of hundreds of students worldwide. Our curriculum is based on the tenet that everyone has inherent psychic, mediumistic, and empathic abilities, and one just has to remove the societal blocks preventing these abilities to flourish. By demystifying the connection with spirit, one gains a deeper self-understanding, the universe becomes clear, and light and healing can be delivered to those in need.


Become A Medium

There are two multifaceted parts to our training curriculum at Ivy League Psychic Academy. Students must first learn, and master their newly uncovered abilities through our one of kind development program. Both parts of our curriculum revolve around intense spiritual learning, acute focus, and mediumship development.

Psychic Mediumship Development - Level 1

Psychic Mediumship Development Level 1 Classes: You will be trained in Ivy's revolutionary PSC Method (Psychology of Spirit Communication), and be able to give 15 minute professional readings to the public in just 16 weeks. Once you finish this part of the program, you will receive your initial Psychic Mediumship Development Level 1 certification.

Psychic Mediumship Development - Level 2

Level Two Psychic Mediumship Development Classes: Once you are Level 1 certified, you may continue your training in Ivy's revolutionary PSC Method. These classes are more advanced in its teachings, and techniques that will allow you to be ready to practice true Mediumship for others after an additional 12 Weeks. Once completed, you will receive your final Level 2 certification, and graduate as an Ivy Rivera taught Medium through the Ivy League Psychic Academy.


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Our Curriculum In Depth

With its cornerstone in Psychic Mediumship Development Level One, the Ivy League Psychic Academy trains students in Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium's PSC Method (Psychology of Spirit Communication), allowing the student to give fifteen minute, professional readings to the public.

This sixteen week class teaches the student how to remove societal blocks in hes/her mind in order to access their latent psychic, mediumistic, and empathic abilites. This will allow the student to better communicate with Spirit (the deceased, animals, guides, angels, saints and God), and begin their healing journey. Within this coursework are a number of specialty classes aimed at furthering progress in specific areas. These classes are available to the public, and all are encouraged to attend:

Empathic Awareness

Empaths are affected by other people's energy and have an innate ability to intuitively fell and perceive others. Learn how to control inexplicable anxiety, depression, irritation, and various physical symptoms.

Meet Your Guides

You travel with four guides to help you in this life. Learn who they are, what they do for you, and meet each one individually.

Coffee With Your Angels

We have angels that are appointed to us and watch over us all the time. Often mistaken for other light beings, foster a better understanding with yours and build your relationships.

Hauntings, Clearings and Attachments

Understand and learn to handle lower/darker energies and properly use your power in the light effectively


Understand and embrace your dreams, the psyche behind them, and all the messages within.

Following completion of Level One, students earning their certificates are encouraged to continue their development with Psychic Mediumship Development Level Two. Deepening their connection with Spirit, students will learn additional techniques and further their talents, culminating in the ability to give thirty minute, professional readings. This twelve week course provides the students with everything they would need to earn their certificates as professional psychic mediums. Much like Level One, Level Two offers specialty classes that the public is encouraged to attend:

Relationships, Boundaries and Cord Cutting

Learn how to set boundaries and cut cords causing difficulties with family members, friends, or addictive tendencies.

Past Lives, Karma and Contracts

Explore your past lives to better understand your karma and elevate it. Learn about life contracts and what is written on yours!

With both Psychic Mediumship Development Levels One and Two, students gain a greater understanding of themselves, the universe, their connection with Spirit, and how it all ties together. It's truly an all encompassing set of courses, and the pinnacle of self-development.


Are you ready to uncover your abilities, and become a Medium? Then join us!

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